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You will receive a "Top Secret" envelop containing several assorted documents printed on high quality colored card stock.  Every Intel packet will contain slightly different contents, but is guaranteed to include several Q-maps, several mini Q-map flyers, a laminated color Q-Key, the Sephirot Map, the Cult of Baal Map,  the Great Awakening Map by 5D_awakening_consciousness, & a D.S.M.P. / Qanon sticker sheet. Additional mystery items may include exclusive preliminary versions of the aforementioned artworks, and other important found maps or articles.  Several items will be signed by the artist, Dylan Louis Monroe, and framable if you so choose.  

May also contain instructions for secret missions, depending on the customer's location.

(colors & content may vary from what is shown in the thumbnail image)

NOTE: Due to active operations, Intel packet orders placed after Aug 11th will not be able to ship until Aug 29th.  All other products in the D.S.M.P. store will remain active & shipping during this time, the Intel Packet is the only item affected. 

Thank you for your patience.