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You will receive an envelope containing state-of-the-art Pleiadian technology and information.  The center piece of the assortment of documents is D.S.M.P.’s newest diagram, the “Ashtar Timeline”, a linear bibliography of Pleiadian and Ashtar channeled publications, with a host of supplementary information in the side margins.  The Pleiadian tech pack includes the following:

– Ashtar Timeline 11×17” fold-out mini-poster
– Energy Map 16″ fold-out poster
– Orit-B Codex Intro Flyer: transmissions 1-10
– Lightcodes 2.0 hologram artwork (optional cutting guidelines included: 5 cut-out objects, plus a Pleiadian antenna bookmark)
– “Ascended Masters Map” by Veil Removed
– 432 Hz Harmonizer Sigil freestanding cardstock cut-out / construction project flyer (Sold flat, cutting & construction required)
– 3D “Lightcode Pyramid” cut-out / construction project flyer (Sold flat, cutting & construction required)
– Lightcode Hologram sticker (4.5″)
– Lightcode Hologram laminated crystal altar object / cold drink coaster
– Lightcode mini sticker set (9-pack)
– Venusians / Pleiadian Envoy Spirit Guide laminated card
– 5 x  Galactic Patriot Alliance Sticker (1.5″)
– D.S.M.P. 2020 flyer

⚠️  Color of cardstock flyers may vary from what is shown in the thumbnail image.  If you have a color preference please add a note to your order at checkout.

Lightcode Pyramid color options: Purple, Blue, Pink, Magenta, Green, Neon Yellow, Red.

432 Hz Harmonizer Sigil color options: Neon Yellow, Rocket Red, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Blue.


See description above.