You will receive a “Top Secret” envelope containing several assorted documents printed on high quality 8.5 x 11″ colored cardstock.  The Intel Packet contains ALL of D.S.M.P.’s most critical major diagrams, and one bonus artwork from Intel Pack B.  The following documents are included:
– Laminated color Q-KEY
– Laminated color Healing Web
– Energy Map 16″ fold-out mini poster
– Deity Chart ✨ NEW ✨
– Q-WEB (b&w) (digitally signed)
– COVID-5G Map
– 5G Radiation Awareness Flyer
– Smart Meter Warning Flyer
– The Cult of Baal Map
– Traitors & Alliances in the Truth & UFO Community Map
– 2 Mini 5” Q-WEB flyers, 1 D.S.M.P. flyer : To spread the red-pill message!
– 4 large vinyl stickers (5″ Q-WEB sticker, Holographic “Lightcode” sticker, Sephirot Map sticker, 5G Radiation Sticker)
– 1 small Galactic Patriot Alliance Sticker (1.5″)
– At least 1 additional surprise bonus map.  Bonus map will be added at random, OR you can add a “note” to your order at checkout to indicate which bonus map you would like (See slide 2, use letter code)

All artwork is designed to be framable if you so choose.
May also contain instructions for secret missions, depending on the customer’s location.
Each intel packet is carefully hand-crafted by the artist, and customized to the individual order.
❗️ COLORS MAY VARY from what is shown in the thumbnail image!

NOTE TO BUYERS:  Intel packets ship once per week, usually on Wednesdays, via regular mail.  USA orders usually take between 2-14 days in transit.  International orders can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.  Domestic US orders DO NOT include shipment tracking.  International orders DO include tracking.

Availability: 11 in stock (can be backordered)

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