INTEL PACKET : 2022 (GESARA edition)


You will receive a custom Energy Map Folder containing a wide assortment of D.S.M.P. infographic artworks, and functional stickers.  The Intel Packet contains ALL of D.S.M.P.’s most critical, major diagrams, and one bonus artwork (See 3rd product photo).  SAVE 24% OFF BY BUYING THIS PACKET vs. ALL ITEMS INDIVIDUALLY! ($108 REGULAR RETAIL VALUE).  The following artworks are included:
– Laminated color Q-KEY
– Laminated color Healing Web
– Laminated color GESARA Map
– Energy Map 16″ fold-out mini poster
– Deity Chart
– COVID-5G Map
– 5G Killgrid Flyer
– Octogon Group Map
– The Cult of Baal Map
– Traitors & Alliances in the Truth & UFO Community Map
– 1 Mini 5” Q-WEB flyer, & 1 D.S.M.P. flyer : To spread the red-pill message!
– 5 large vinyl stickers (5″ Q-WEB sticker, Holographic “Lightcode” sticker, GESARA Transparent sticker, Sephirot Map sticker, 5G Killgrid Sticker)
– 1 small Galactic Patriot Alliance Sticker (1.5″)
– 1 surprise bonus map from Intel Pack B.  Bonus map will be added at random, OR you can add a “note” to your order at checkout to indicate which bonus map you would like (See slide 2, use letter code)
– D.S.M.P. Energy Map Folder: All artworks come inside a custom D.S.M.P. Energy Map folder for convenient, protected, long-term safekeeping.

All artworks are designed to be framable if you so choose. (Store bought 8.5 x 11″ frames work great)
Each intel packet is carefully hand-crafted at D.S.M.P headquarters, and customized to the individual order.
❗️ COLORS OF SOLID CARDSTOCK ITEMS MAY VARY from what is shown in the thumbnail image!

NOTE TO BUYERS:  Intel packets ship once per week, usually on Mondays, via regular mail.  USA orders usually take between 2-14 days in transit.  International orders can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.  Tracking information will be e-mailed to you automatically (Be sure to check our spam folder.)

Availability: Available on backorder

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