Intel: “B Objectives” Packet


You will receive an envelope containing an assortment of stickers, flyers, and informational artworks printed on high quality 8.5 x 11″ colored cardstock.  This packet features several of the earlier D.S.M.P. artworks, which are more esoteric, and less widely circulated.  Our primary Intel Packet contains the most mission-critical artworks to help humanity at this time, however, Intel Packet-B encompasses the remainder of the D.S.M.P. catalogue, including diagrams that educate on somewhat more “niche” topics, yet are all of high relevance to the bigger picture.  The “B Objective” packet includes the following:

– DARPA Map (1/2 color print)
– Mindlock Protocol (2-sided)
– Gate Map (Pizzagate)
– JFK “Secret Societies” Speech
– Sephirot Map (Marbleized edition, color print, 2-sided)
– Grievance List (1st artwork of D.S.M.P.)
– Jesuit Hierarchy / Papal Bloodlines (2-sided)
– Dark Kingdom / Satanic Calendar (2-sided)
– The Green Pill Map (color print) (2-sided)
– 5” Mini-Q-WEB Flyer
– D.S.M.P. 2020 Flyer
– 1 Sexy Alien Hologram Sticker
– 1 “TRUMP” Brushed Aluminum Sticker (5″)
– All in a custom stamped reusable Manila folder for safekeeping.

All artwork is designed to be framable if you so choose.
May also contain instructions for secret missions, depending on the customer’s location.
⚠️  Color of cardstock for some artworks may vary from what appears in the thumbnail. Leave a note at checkout if you have a color preference *see individual listings of various prints for color options

NOTE TO BUYERS:  Packets ship once per week, usually on Mondays.  USA orders ship with NO tracking, and usually take aprox. 2 days transit.  International orders include tracking, and can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.

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