Intel: “B Objectives” Packet


You will receive an envelope containing an assortment of informational artworks printed on high quality 8.5 x 11″ colored cardstock.  This packet features D.S.M.P.’s sub-primary artworks, which are more rare, esoteric, and less widely circulated.  The “B Objective” packet includes the following:

– DARPA Map (1/2 color print)
– Mindlock Protocol (2-sided)
– Gate Map (Pizzagate)
– JFK “Secret Societies” Speech
– Sephirot Map (Marbleized edition, color print, 2-sided)
– Grievance List (1st artwork of D.S.M.P.)
– Jesuit Hierarchy / Papal Bloodlines (2-sided)
– Dark Kingdom / Satanic Calendar (2-sided)
– The Green Pill Map (color print) (2-sided)
– 5” Mini-Q-WEB Flyer
– D.S.M.P. 2020 Flyer
– 1 Sexy Alien Hologram Sticker
– 1 “NO-5G” Blue Vinyl Sticker

All artwork is designed to be framable if you so choose.
May also contain instructions for secret missions, depending on the customer’s location.
⚠️  Color of some artworks may vary from what appears in the thumbnail. Leave a note at checkout if you have a color preference *see prints listed individually

NOTE TO BUYERS:  Packets ship once per week, usually on Wednesdays.  USA orders ship with NO tracking, and usually take aprox. 2 days transit.  International orders include tracking, and can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.

Availability: 12 in stock (can be backordered)

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