Victims of the 90's: "JonBenet" Poster

Victims of the 90's: "JonBenet" Poster

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Original artwork by Dylan Louis Monroe from his C-print series "Victim's of the 90's"

JonBenet, 2014. Digital collage
JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was an American child beauty pageant queen who was murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado, in 1996. The six-year-old's body was found about eight hours after she was reported missing, in the basement of the family home. She had been struck on the head and strangled. Among the many bizarre circumstances uncovered by the investigation, her autopsy revealed undigested remnants of pineapple in her stomach, eaten only a few hours before the murder.
The case remains unsolved.
Poster size: 18 x 24"

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